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Chris Luk specializes in FOOD, FASHION, PRODUCTS, PORTRAITS, EVENTS and INTERIOR. He also work closely with creative agencies and clients in ADVERTISING and COMMERCIAL projects over the years. In the past, he works as a contributing photographer for HK Magazine, Gafencu Men, Dairizi, and his work is published in international publications including Tartarus Magazine (New York), Fashion Shift Magazine (UK), Croco Mag (UK), FEORCE, Scropio Jin and


He is a member of HKPPN (Hong Kong Professional Photographers Network) since 2015

In 2012, he had his first solo-exhibition titled "Alone Together" and published a book with the same title. In early 2014, he joined other fine art photographers at Voxfire Gallery in Hong Kong exhibiting his work “Cafe” under the exhibition theme ‘Hotspots in Hong Kong’. In March 2018, he held his solo-exhibition “Comfort in Chaos”, curated and organised by FIRST LOOK 2 / Spitzgan Magazine in Hong Kong at PMQ .

Chris Luk is also the founder of WHO WEAR WALK ( – an incubator of street fashion photography. He aims to inspire and collaborate with the fashion stylists, designers, bloggers, publication and other photographers on street fashion photography related projects.


Chris Luk @ Chris Luk Photography




M: +852 96230051
IG: @chrisluklolumlo


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